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A black-and-white timbered construction stood next to a pink lathe and plaster house offset with natural oak timbers. Many of the buildings doubled as shops, fronting on to the high street, the living quarters housed towards the rear or on the upper levels. Lutel looked askance at the various merchants, who were already in the act of plying their wares or starting the business of the day. Woodman halted just above the bridge, in front of a pale stone-faced building. A central archway, large enough to allow for the comfortable passage of google a coach, led to a courtyard beyond. Woodman strode over the cobblestones, and headed for a group of ostlers and stable lads who were attending to teams of horses. Lutel drew in her cheeks; the air reeked with the sweat of horses, fresh manure and fetid straw. Beyond the cobblestones stood the majestic Bull Inn, its walls constructed of the same rich Bath stone as the imposing archway. In front of the building stood a team of four horses, harnessed to a coach. Wait here, said Woodman. He brushed through the crowd of stable-lads, and on to the groom who stood at the head of the harnessed team. On Woodman's approach the groom put down the foreleg of a bay that he had been examining. As Woodman sidled up to him, Lutel and Rewn strained to overhear their conversation, but the whinnying of the horses and the clatter of metal on the cobblestones drowned their speech. The groom accepted something that the other offered to him, and Woodman beckoned his companions forward with a wave of his arm. A fresh-faced lad of tender years opened the coach door. Rewn placed a foot on its step and hauled his body up. Pausing at the opening, and balancing on one foot, he thrust his head forward to satisfy himself that no buy instagram likes instagram danger lurked within. Lutel clambered up after him, and sat opposite with her back to the driver. She buy instagram likes looked around at the carriage; the seats were upholstered in black, and smelled of leather, but they were hard and uncomfortable to sit on. Windows on either side were curtained in a similar colour, and the floor was wooden and plain, giving the coach a severity that Lutel buy instagram likes felt it did not deserve. The coach lurched to one side as someone entered and Lutel turned to speak with him. How long before we... Her face reddened as she realised the new passenger was not Woodman, but the tall, thin, aquiline-nosed man with whom they had briefly been acquainted the previous evening: one of buy instagram likes the laughing drinkers from the inn. The coach lurched for a second time as he was quickly followed by his female companion, also of their previous night's acquaintance. We leave within the next ten minutes, said their fellow passenger, correctly guessing her question buy instagram likes and sitting down next to Rewn. The woman dusted the seat next to the stranger with the back of her gloved hand, and plumped herself down. Although her mistake had been of no consequence, Lutel burned inside at her carelessness, knowing that the error could have been more costly. Silence reigned in the coach for the next few minutes; not even the genial newcomer made any attempt to instigate conversation. Rewn and Lutel stared down at instagram the coach floor, whilst outside last-minute orders were being shouted from driver to groom and then on to the stable lads. Lutel was relieved when at last Woodman entered and sat himself next to her, removing a new wide-brimmed hat and placing it at his side on the remaining